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What You get for 20 [Dollars]









  • 4  Organic unsweetened Vanilla SoyMilk
  • Organic Peanut Butter (I save the Glass Jars, I don’t like to use plastics to store my food, I now have a collection. Everytime I buy a jar of PB I throw out a plastic tupperware)
  • 3 Organic Black Bean Soup
  • Organic Quinoa (My new Breakfast Obsession)

Good Morning [Hot Wheat Cereal]

Steaming hot cereal on a cold Fall Morning.

Cook up Trader Joe’s Hot Wheat cereal according to the directions on the box.

A pat of butter and a Sprinkle of almonds and a Dash of Cinnamon.

Can u smell it?

Other times I use Honey, cinnamon and Almonds/Pecans.