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Sharing is caring [Healthy Desert]

I sampled this the other day and loved it…

  • Sautee: Onions, Mushrooms, Garlic & Green Peppers
  • Add a 28 oz. can of tomato puree (If you make this around the time you make tomato soup you can use the same base recipe)
  • Add Italian Seasonings
  • Add 10 Cloves of garlic using a garlic press
  • Let simmer while Squash cooks


My Italian seasoning is from Caputo’s.

Fresh & Tangy [Bean Salad] revisited

Here’s the Bean salad again. I missed eating it, so I went right out and bought the ingredients for just a few dollars.

It generates about 5 meals. Cheap, Easy, Fresh, Filling, Tasty & Tangy. Here goes…

I chopped ::

A Cucumber

A Tomato


An Apple (squeeze lemon over the apples)

A Red Pepper

Green Onion

White Onion


and Mixed them together with::












A can of White Beans



Italian Seasoning


Strawberry red wine vinegar

Plain Greek Yogurt

* Use whatever Bean you want. I used less celery than the recipe called for b/c I’m not a fan but actually when you chop it tiny it isn’t noticeable. I’ll add more next time. The Apple makes it all worth eating by the way. Try it.

*  YouTube’s TheThirdShift is a great channel and where I got this from.

Dinner [Real Apple Spice Oatmeal]

Wow, this was a satisfying dinner, here goes….

  • Make your oatmeal [this time I threw oatmeal and water in a bowl and microwaved it]
  • Popped it out, stirred in a dash of Almond milk
  • Dash of stevia/truvia,pumpkin spice, nutmeg
  •  Stir in apple chunks


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*I put a swirl of honey on top and a dash of Cinnamon. Forgot I had Walnuts, next time.

Good Ingredients, Fast

Yes, I said good food Fast. CHIPOTLE.  The owner is stiving to use 100% meat raised w/o antibioticss, or hormones. They use Organic, local produce whenever possible.


Use the link above to find out more and watch a clip of owner Steve on Nightline.


I like to have the burrito bowl with barely any rice, black beans, meat, tomatoes, corn, salsa and lettuce. I eat half. Half the next day. Cheers.