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Sharing is caring [Healthy Desert]

I sampled this the other day and loved it…


Dinner [Real Apple Spice Oatmeal]

Wow, this was a satisfying dinner, here goes….

  • Make your oatmeal [this time I threw oatmeal and water in a bowl and microwaved it]
  • Popped it out, stirred in a dash of Almond milk
  • Dash of stevia/truvia,pumpkin spice, nutmeg
  • ┬áStir in apple chunks


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*I put a swirl of honey on top and a dash of Cinnamon. Forgot I had Walnuts, next time.



Cold. Juicy. Sweet.

Wont break the “Calorie Bank”.

Perfect for beginning your workout. Perfect for snacking. Perfect for beginning your day.

Speaking of snacks other than Grapefruit, Bananas (the less ripe the better, Glycemic levels will change) and Kiwis are an excellent chioce.

Kiwis and Bananas have a lower glycemic Index, helping you to absorb them more slowly and steadily.

The opposite of processed foods like Oreos, Chef Boyaredee and hot dogs.