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I recently went on a kick of Oatmeal and fresh berries. I add Cinnamon, Honey, fresh Berries and Almonds and dig in. Sometimes I don’t have time to make this in the morning but luckily theres a spot on the way to work were I can get the same thing in Quinoa form. I took a chance and tried it, now I’m in trouble, I fell in love and want it everyday! Sometimes I order it for lunch and even dinner. Their’s contains Cinnamon, agave nectar, quinoa, strawberries, blueberries and almond slivers. Mmmm, I must try this with Pecans!!!! This even works as desert, or a snack!


Sundays [Breakfast]

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Combine these ingreints to your liking:

  • I put in about 2 tbs cream
  • 1.5 EVOO
  • dash of honey
  • large clove of Garlic throw the garlic press
  • a dot of mustard
  • Sprinkle pepper
  • Strawberry red wine vinegar ¬†or red vinegar and real sliced strawberries.
If you like your dressing creamy put more cream, thinner put less and focus on the EVOO instead.
This mixture is enough for two servings salad.