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Take a trip over to the Food Matters website ¬†to find out what your eating that contains Hormones in every bite, a substance from the Rear End of an animal, Antifreeze and more! Yum! The article is is a quick blurb on 6 ingredients you DON’T want in your food. This kid was upset after reading it too. Click the Food Matters link to take a peek! Remember, food can be your medicine or your poison.


My New Treat [Starbucks]

I’m not a Starbucks groupie. I don’t like coffee, but if I had to choose a coffee house club it woulda been The Noble Tree. They closed ūüė¶ The fireplace and fresh homemade pies ¬†had me driving 40 min in the cold weather for a simple Ginger Peach Tea then I would proceed to use half their bottle of honey. Yum. I miss there bookshelf full of white coffee cups that were covered in interesting designs done in black marker and their old Atari or was it Pac-Man? There are a few other local coffee shoppes in Chicago that I love but I’m not naming names. They will stay my secret. As for chain coffee shoppes I do prefer Caribou Coffee over starbucks. That being said, I found myself at Starbucks in a study group and can’t stop thinking about the Green Tea Latte with Soy milk. But I better stop thinking about it soon, a medium has 50 g of sugar! Yikes! Too good to be true. click the links!

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  • Google your address, click “search nearby”
  • Enter “conservatory” or “botanical garden”
  • Get in your car
  • Drive
  • Exit car, Enter Conservatory
  • Enjoy.

Couldn’t be Simpler. Enjoy a stroll through your local conservatory, there’s two nearby my house and two further out. They are usually jam packed with things to see and take a couple hours to walk through at a minimum. You can even go on a rainy day and skip the outside exhibits, so theres no reason why not to go during bad weather, even in a Chicago winter. Did I mention they are free? No reason you can’t go today.

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He exhausted himself.

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  • Get your snacks ready (mix nuts, raisins and sunflower kernels)
  • Pack a vegan Pro Bar (Blog review coming)
  • Pack a bottle of water
  • Start walking
  • Snack
  • Find things to climb
  • Find some caves
  • Find some waterfalls
  • Find a never ending staircase
  • Take pictures


*Lululemon Reversible jacket and denim snap down running leggings (tailored for free)

Am I an athlete? [Yoga]

Just came back from Lululemon on Halsted. Wow!

My thoughts:

Two Days Ago:

Free beginners YOGA for Athletes @ the Halsted Store! What!?…. Am I an athlete? …..Does the Army count?….I’ve never been to a yoga class. ….I’m there!

Right Now:

That was amazing!….. My body really needed that….. The teacher was great…. I feel like a new woman…… So relaxed…… Abs a little sore…… Like my body just sighed.

The best part Lululemon was super cool as always and gifted us the mat we worked out on! What!? They had some extra and let me take another.

What else I liked:

  • Everyone was super cool
  • Instructor is funny
  • Free bottle of smart water
  • Upcoming free classes
  • Helpers that came around and assisted you into the positions were great

A few other things:

The instuctor was Alie McManus from Moksha Yoga Center.

Classes like these and more are given at your local Lululemon branch.

The clothes and gear are amazing, functional & stylish I cant say enough about them.

They hem your garment free of charge.

They have an awesome ambassador program.

They sell Men’s and Women’s clothes.

Check them out online, pop into a store or join a class or two, you wont regret it.

Check out my other post on them.

Back to Basics [Salad]

  • A whole Avacado
  • Three giant leaves of Red Leaf Lettuce
  • Saut√©ed onion & mushroom
  • Two slices of Turkey Bacon
  • Diced Cucumber
  • Eat
Cover in homemade dressing. 
Load on the toppings.



Breakfast Again [German Bread]

German Fitness Bread toasted

Blackberry preserves

Cappuccino w/ cinnamon on top



Kashi’s Autum Harvest.


Whole Milk.











So Easy It Hurts

What an easy way to make me eat 3 whole fruits/vegetables.

I used to eat this alot in the past, Im glad I rediscovered it.

Cut up the largest tomato you can find or a large and an a small one like I did.

As Much of a red onion as you want.

A Bunch of Cilantro.

Red Wine Vinegar.

Extra Virgin Olive oil.

A little sea salt

Little Pepper

And a Hunk a bread.


Crusty Swiss Grain Boule – Bread

This was my solution to a late night dinner (9pm)

Wash it down with lemon water.