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Stay Whett

CamelBak!!! Keep water with you at all times. Even on a Run. Even on a Hike. Long walk on the beach. Hot day at the Zoo. Amusement parks.

Whatever, Whenever. A extra small Backpack with H2O is all you need to beat the heat and quench your thirst.

What the heck is it?   An Ultra Sleek BackPack. Has an ultra sleek water pouch inside. Ultra sleek tube sits on your shoulder.

How do you use it?    Grab the tube. Bite the tube, Drink.

Features: Pockets for snacks / ID’S  / ETC……………Check

Water Pouch……………….Check

Look cooler than everyone else……………Check

Check em out anywhere, any sports goods store or online here:


Get A Darn WatterBobble. Just do it. Its 8 bucks at Target. It filters the little Nasty water that comes out of the little nasty water fountains at school and public parks!  And OF COURSE, They look cool. Do it!

*You have 2 squeeze to get the H2O out, i end up drinking more purely for that reason.

Product Of The Day

This one goes hand and hand with today’s Tip Of The DAy.  Do you know someone who goes to Sam’s Club? How about Costco? give em $30 bucks and tell them to get you Zip Fizz! Zip Fizz will perk your lazy butt up in the morning after you stood up all night drowning in homework and tossing and turning from nightmares of a 2.0 GPA! It tastes great, grape, pink lemonade, orange, and it gives you an extra glass of water!  Got get those 6, 8oz waters in! Get it in where you can fit it in!

Drink water! WATER WATER!  Sometimes it can be yuk! Find a water fountain and take 10 SLurps between every class!  Drink a small cup of water before every meal or while you wait for it to cook. Have whatever you normally drink after wards. If you have a snack, sip water with it. Lastly, end the day with water. Have a small cup before you go to bed, like a tea cup.