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Making a switch [Food Storage]


I decreased my use of plastics last year and got rid of alot of old gross tupperware.

Found a sale and finally bought a small set by Pyrex made of glass.

It’s BPA Free/Oven Safe for baking/Freezer Safe/Microwave safe/Dishwasher safe

In other words, I can bake something in it, freeze it, microwave it and wash it in the

dishwasher when I’m done and it wont absorb stains or odors. Awesome.
















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Reward came in a while back. $ 10 card to Target.

Join Ebates.

OMG they’re back!

I watched last years eggs / eaglets until they left the nest! Round 2!!

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Am I an athlete? [Yoga]

Just came back from Lululemon on Halsted. Wow!

My thoughts:

Two Days Ago:

Free beginners YOGA for Athletes @ the Halsted Store! What!?…. Am I an athlete? …..Does the Army count?….I’ve never been to a yoga class. ….I’m there!

Right Now:

That was amazing!….. My body really needed that….. The teacher was great…. I feel like a new woman…… So relaxed…… Abs a little sore…… Like my body just sighed.

The best part Lululemon was super cool as always and gifted us the mat we worked out on! What!? They had some extra and let me take another.

What else I liked:

  • Everyone was super cool
  • Instructor is funny
  • Free bottle of smart water
  • Upcoming free classes
  • Helpers that came around and assisted you into the positions were great

A few other things:

The instuctor was Alie McManus from Moksha Yoga Center.

Classes like these and more are given at your local Lululemon branch.

The clothes and gear are amazing, functional & stylish I cant say enough about them.

They hem your garment free of charge.

They have an awesome ambassador program.

They sell Men’s and Women’s clothes.

Check them out online, pop into a store or join a class or two, you wont regret it.

Check out my other post on them.

Ebates [New Obsession]

My Cash back on Victoria’s secret and Old Navy came in today! Yay!

* For more info refer to prev post called “Ebates”

Meet Mikhail Sacha & The Walky Dog

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This guy is Mikhail Sacha.  His middle name is trouble. To keep this big puppy out of trouble I have to keep him tired. This is how its done.

We go for a run as often as possible. Actually he runs and I try to keep up on the bike.

The pole is detachable for when you’re not using it and contains three springs inside which aide in lengthening/shortening the leash & with shock absorption. He hardly ever darts off to the side b/c he’s normally trying to get up to top speed so he runs a straight line. Excellent at tiring him out and keeping him out of trouble when we’re back home. It is easy to attach takes maybe 5 minutes and was reasonable priced compared to other bike leashes which can cost $100 +.

I bought mine here.

New Muscles

muscle |ˈməsəl|noun    1 a band or bundle of fibrous tissue in a human or animal body that has the ability to contract, producing movement in or maintaining the position of parts of the body : the calf muscle | the sheet of muscle between the abdomen and chest.• such a band or bundle of tissue when well developed or prominently visible under the skin : showing off our muscles to prove how strong we were.

Well that what I now have. For 2 Weeks, Twice a week I have been riding a stationary bike. Muscles have been developing along the outside of my thigh. Thats right you CAN count. Its been 4 bike sessions and already I am noticing something happening. How happy am I???  I wonder what else is going to happen to me if I continue doing this?  Lets Find out.

I do Know>>

It’s  good for me and my ankle

Which is always a problem since I tore my ligament, low impact.

Its good for Weenies

You can move along at a comfortable speed the entire workout/go for endurance/create hills no intimidation

It’s Cool

Some have fans so as you pedal your fanning yourself/ Keeps me going / dont forget to pedal backwards too!

I am going to begin doing intervals, 30 second bursts at a higher intensity.

My Bike routine is 45 min. twice a week.

A Peak into the Pilates Window

The Reformer is the featured piece of equipment in this video.



Doing lots of walking? Started running? Feet Busted up?!!

Blist- O – Ban! 

Comes with an alcohol swipe.

Inflates!? What?

Its a waterproof patch that prevents friction so you dont get a blister.

Just Swipe and Apply.

So keep running.