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Meet Talk-a-lot [Bird]

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Tony & Talk-a-lot made my day. Meet them on street, we talked alot, took photos, erased them, tracked them down, took more photos, talked some more. I want a bird. Yikes, Mikhail might eat him.

domestic diva, M.D.

There is such a thing as a stupid request.

I was casually dating a guy. He was the sort of guy that was nice enough, but not really my type overall as I was quickly realizing. You know the guys that it would be better to have just been friends as opposed to date? He fell into that category…hence the “casually dating”. I was planning on ending it myself, but I knew he was really stressed with work (so I was barely seeing him anyway) so I figured I’d wait at least a little bit to not add to the stress.

One day, he came over to my house for dinner. I had just made an amazing lasagna with wild mushrooms from my local farmer’s market. I couldn’t wait to eat it.

I didn’t realize there was going to be a slight delay.

He walked in, sat down on…

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Its official [canoeing]









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  • Google your address, click “search nearby”
  • Enter “conservatory” or “botanical garden”
  • Get in your car
  • Drive
  • Exit car, Enter Conservatory
  • Enjoy.

Couldn’t be Simpler. Enjoy a stroll through your local conservatory, there’s two nearby my house and two further out. They are usually jam packed with things to see and take a couple hours to walk through at a minimum. You can even go on a rainy day and skip the outside exhibits, so theres no reason why not to go during bad weather, even in a Chicago winter. Did I mention they are free? No reason you can’t go today.

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He exhausted himself.

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  • Get your snacks ready (mix nuts, raisins and sunflower kernels)
  • Pack a vegan Pro Bar (Blog review coming)
  • Pack a bottle of water
  • Start walking
  • Snack
  • Find things to climb
  • Find some caves
  • Find some waterfalls
  • Find a never ending staircase
  • Take pictures


*Lululemon Reversible jacket and denim snap down running leggings (tailored for free)

I must try this!

With The Grains

May 2012

I once went to high tea at a tea plantation in Kenya.  A gentle fog hung over the vivid, green, rolling hills and rows of tea-producing bushes.  Failing to factor in colonization, I was surprised when a very proper British woman greeted me.  However, I was even more surprised when her husband offered a warning before we departed, “take heed of the monkeys throwing avocados from the trees in the yard.”  What a thing to say! I stored that warning in the part of my head devoted to life dreams and aspirations.  I would very much love to offer that parting warning to my house guests one day, implying my home will be some place magical just like that Kenyan tea plantation. In the meantime, I can fiddle with different avocado eating methods in preparation for the abundant supply I might one day have.

For this “recipe,” think…

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OMG they’re back!

I watched last years eggs / eaglets until they left the nest! Round 2!!