I have added a much needed boost to my cardio lately. Three 30 min runs or two 1hr  1/2 walks a week.

“Low to moderate intensity aerobic exercises that can be sustained for a long time (more than 20 minutes) use some glucose, BUT MORE FAT for fuel.” – Understanding nutrition by: Whitney/Rolfes

So walk on!

I need to see the fruits of my labour with my ab workouts and strength training.

And of course I need to get use out of my Nike Free’s!

And naturally I want to get out in the fresh air as much as possible in this beautiful sunny, breezy, humid weather!!!!

Here’s how we can do this…

So it’s easily accomplished by taking an hour and a half walk in sunny pleasant neighborhoods locally or driving into a neighborhood or suburb I enjoy. Places that have great gardens, huge homes or well landscaped lawns, somewhere shady.

I just park and wander a moderate pace. Sometimes I phone a friend and have a chat while I walk and other times I chat up women I see in their yards, admiring their work and asking for tips!

You can plan your route to your favorite little cafe and have a beverage or lunch or  pack your laptop in your backpack and walk to where there is WIFI and get some work done and walk back home. Easy.

Sometimes I go to the Zoo, it’s free, just park and walk, there’s plenty to keep you walking there for hours, just like the beach another fav of mine. Did I mention the free poor girl pedicure? Walking in the wet sand along the water has you coming home with feet softer than your baby’s bottom.