Knee Pushups (Traveling)

  • Get in Push up Position. Tighten the core.
  • Keeping the Abs contracted Pull one knee into the chest.
  • Place the leg back down and bring the other knee into the chest w/ abs contracted. (Do 10, each knee counts as one)


When you get into the push up position place two small hand towels on the floor. (One under ea. foot) Make sure you have at least 15 ft to travel forward or do more laps.

So heres how you travel:

  • Perform the same steps as above
  • Begin to move your body by walking your hands forward dragging your feet (which are gliding on the towels)
  • When you have reached your end point, turn around and do another set of knees.
  • Return to your starting point (Do 3 laps)