Running is darn hard! When I run I want to die and so will your knees if you don’t look after them. Your knees are absorbing the impact b/c the pavement will not, your shoes will absorb the impact as well, as is true in walking. Lets throw them knees a bone and alter & improve what we can.

SHOES: Investing in your shoes is investing in your body. If you plan on running for a long time to come this is vital. Get the right shoe for your stride and foot. (Address issues such as pronation, stability, the need for flexibility in certain areas of the shoe, bunions,etc.)

WATCH YOUR DARN STEP: Some runners prefer to run along the gravel/dirt/etc., along the path rather than on the actual path itself. Dirt will give a little and therefore absorb some of the impact of you pounding the ground! Treadmills absorb impact due to their design and of course so does the sand. Give it a try, not for me, for your stupid knees! Or don’t, you know, whatever, buy yourself a fancy cane in 35 years when crap hits the fan and you cant walk like you used to.

Fleetfeet is a great running store where you can get help on evaluating your stride and picking the right shoe. Go there! Any thoughts on BAREFOOT  running? Or the Barefoot shoe? They keep calling out to me.