At the gym. Not sure what to do. Don’t want to waste time. Need to feel like I did something today. Don’t want to feel guilty about what I’m already planning to eat on the weekend. Hmmmm. … Had those thoughts before??



Yeah that’s right, walk over to that kettle bell & do the darn thing. Place it on the floor in line with your heels. Slight bend to the knees.


Lift it.

Swing it forward using the gluts & hips not the upper body.

Let it fall & swing all the way back under your bottom. Repeat.

I do 25 reps. Three times. Awesome workout. My legs feel great afterwards. Gets alot worked out in short amount of time. So many more x-ercises you can use the kettlebell for & by the way buy one & leave it next to your bed. There’s no excuse then why you cant get in 3 rounds of 25 in the morning and/or evening. CIAO!